Thursday, December 20, 2007

Top landing pages.

In the style of what my old friend Dave used to call "covering the coverage," I provide for you the top ten "landing pages" here on IQM, according to Google Analytics. Like a huge news organ (God, I love typing that) such as CNN or Attack of the Show, I believe that if I find something interesting, you will too. Which is honestly a stupid idea, but it's my blog, so suck it.

1. The homepage.
2. Lost map decoded. With jpg goodness from the TV show.
3. Take what you can. Give nothing back. A quote from Pirates of the Craptastic Third One.
4. At least there are words. About erotic sexual positions, with instructions.
5. I support the writers' strike. A video explanation.
6. White out. About actresses bleaching wrinkles.
7. Robert Tilton is nuts. True facts from the Internet.
8. i am in ur base killing ur doods. Some help with a meme.
9. Aren't they cute together? Kristen and Hayden sitting in a tree.

Those long pontifications where I share my philosophies of life? Nowhere to be found. Mentioning actors, preferably female ones, gets you hits. Sex helps too. And movie quotes. So now, I'm going to try to get this post into the next top ten list.

Desperate Housewives.
Sex toys.
Lindsay Lohan.
Skateboarding dog.
"Use the Force."
Nintendo Wii.

I found that the most popular memes, like "Skateboarding Dog" or "Ask a Ninja" get less than a million hits when you Google them. I suspect they hit a temporary huge volume and then that goes away. Like a news item such as "Mitchell Report" or "Baseball Steroids."

The way I quote myself works is not entirely understood.


TheGirard said...

i think this post should have an asterisk. You are clearly just padding your stats.

Jason said...

Definitely an asterisk. He's using hit-enhancing substances.

But at least he's willing to talk about the past.