Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hobbit? Sure. Sequel? Wait, what?

I figured he'd get around to it. PJ and NLP have "put their differences behind them" (agreed on a price) and they're gonna make that Hobbit movie... and a sequel.

Sequel? Did JRRT write a sequel? Did I miss something? First I thought they're gonna split it into two parts, but that's not what they said. "The Hobbit" + sequel = ??? Bilbo Joins the Circus? The Exciting Adventure of Bilbo on the Floor? Revenge of Bilbo? Hobbit II: The Reckoning?

/got nuthin
//still think it will be good

The way I quote myself works is not entirely understood.


William said...

What a sequel could mean is something I wrote last night to help give some ideas of what could be included.

Mkae said...

As I understand it, it will work like this.

The previous three movies will be renamed:

The Lord of the Rings Episode III: The Fellowship of the Ring
The Lord of the Rings Episode IV: The Two Towers
The Lord of the Rings Episode V: The Revenge of the King (although there is some talk that "Revenge" will be reworded as "Return"

Then, the Hobbit will be titled:

The Lord of the Rings Episode I: The Hobbit

And the sequel will be titled:

The Lord of the Rings Episode II: Mordor Strikes Back

I have also heard that several scenes will be redone. They include:

- The Balrog will now strike Gandalf (and miss) BEFORE Gandalf breaks the brige.

- Frodo will prove he can carry the Ring via a massive race sequence in Rivendell. It turns out that Frodo is the greatest pig-rider in the Galaxy (er, Middle-earth)

- Radagast the Brown will be put back into the trilogy as a wacky, completely computer generated character named Jar Jar the Brown.

Jason said...

"The ring was destroyed, guys."

"But what if it wasn't?"

Shocho said...

Mkae: Ha! Yeah, let's hope that's NOT what happens. PJ > GL.

Shocho said...

William: Excellent! I had heard there was more from the appendices and Silmarillion. When we worked on the LOTR TCG, I absolutely avoided the Silmarillion, since we couldn't use anything from there legally.

Honestly, despite all the jokes made here, I'm sure that PJ & Kiwis will do a terrific job and I'm looking forward to it.