Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I support the writers' strike.

When I was a journeyman member of the International Typographers' Union Local Nr. 14, we were also told that we should take a year off from pay increases because management had to pay extra cash to buy phototypesetting equipment. Any time they tell you to "take a year off" or "take this rate now to grow the business" they are fucking you in the ass with sand in it.


Bpaul said...

Being on the wage negotiation team of Local 48 IBEW (international brotherhood of electrical workers, never mind that there are plenty of sisters now in the brotherhood) was one of the last nails in the coffin of my being a full time electrician. Dealing with bosses as a worker is absolutely infuriating.

This video is a great resource to explain this strike to folks, the demands sound absolutely reasonable, rock on.

Tho, I hang my head in sorrow for the inevitable bump in "reality tv" that happens during writers strikes. I don't watch much TV (at friends' houses occasionally) that isn't on DVD, but these shows seem to have lowered the bar on U.S. culture even further than it had already fallen over my lifetime.

George Haberberger said...


Was this at Paragon? It may have been but I don't remember that as being the local number. I know later we joined the CWA, (Communication Workers of America). I always thought it was strange that Jack and Paul, (the owners), were in the union, but I guess it is similar to Steve Carrell or David Letterman being in the writers guild even though they seem like management.

Shocho said...

Yep, that was Paragon. Wasn't that 14? Maybe not.

TheGirard said...