Tuesday, July 17, 2007

iPhone update.

I have nothing to say, I just found this picture and wanted to post it.

Nobody holds an iPhone like that, but I had to look at this pic about six times before I noticed.

NOW will you buy one?


Brad said...

Depends on how much she costs and what "geatures" i get with her ... oh, wait, you were talking about buying the phone ... I'll wait till version 2 or 3.

Bpaul said...

I just woke up --

this picture gave me tinnitus.

the evil one said...

She totally looks like there's a gun pointed at her dog being held hostage off-camera to get her to hold the phone.

Jason said...

Actually, it looks more to me like the iPhone might have just been photoshopped in.

Shocho said...

If that phone was shopped in, what was she holding before?

OMG, I hope those boobs aren't shopped too!

Shocho said...

Well duh. It was lipstick she was holding. Before the Photoshop. Now it all seems so fake.

Holding onto a shred of hope that the boobs are real, though.

Mkae said...

Actually, what you can't tell by this photo is that she's texting the police department and they're reply was:

"The text message came from inside the house!!!!!"