Monday, July 16, 2007

KILR plays gig in Detroit!

Of course you know that my Guitar Hero band is called KILR (spelling is for soft-rock bands). You know this because you have nothing better to do than catalog the minutiae of my blog.

I know some of you are much better (I play on Medium and I'm happy with 3 stars) and further along than me, but I got through twenty-one (holy crap, 21! I didn't know that until I went back and checked) songs last night. Woot!

I had one of "those moments" (when I say to myself, "I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M PLAYING THIS SONG!" accompanied by chills and massive amounts of dopamine and adrenaline) when I played Tattooed Love Boys (I had played bass on this with Dr. Heimlich, but this was my first time on guitar) and my new favorite GH song Killing in the Name. (I'm Tom Morello! Look at me!) God, that song is awesome. I was jumping around and singing along. Pretty scary.

Another freaky moment for me was going back to play Jessica. I skipped it because I knew the song and thought I would never get through it. (I felt the same way about Crossroads, which I eventually beat.) I never in my wildest dreams as a self-taught guitar player in 1973 thought that I would be even trying to follow along with a Duane Allman solo. Weird moment.

Jesus, I'm such a poser. I downloaded Killing and I've never heard it before except on the radio, and I didn't know that the guy screams, "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me!" over and over at the end. Radio sucks ass.


Jason said...

I was in Best Buy yesterday and heard Sweet Child O' Mine starting up. I instantly felt 5 years older.

Bpaul said...

Ok, question: strings on the guitars you play to play Guitar Hero??

Or buttons?

Or neither?

Shocho said...

Five buttons on the neck like frets. You finger those to make notes and chords (Easy/Medium only use four of those buttons.. there are also Hard/Expert levels).

On the other end is a lever you can strum up and down, so strum + right button pressed = right note. Timing, of course, is everything.

Just for fun, there's a whammy bar too. Otherwise, it operates like DDR, if you're familiar with that.

Michael said...

Jessica's one of my favorites on Guitar Hero II. I haven't played in awhile, but I imagine with the release of the 80's version, I'll be ramping back up.

Shocho, if you like Killing In The Name Of, get the whole album (Rage Against The Machine).

Kindralas said...

Rage is quality stuff, solely because of Tom Morello's intense guitar playing. Really, he's about the biggest killswitcher you'll see. I can't believe you are as big a fan of Audioslave as I know you are, and you never really picked up any Rage stuff.

Anyway, I just 100%'ed Can't You Hear Me Knockin' on Expert, and I'm frigging jazzed about the game at the moment. There was definitely a period of time where I was like "this is impossible," but like most games, it just takes plugging away at it. So far I have three 100%'s on Expert (Heart-Shaped Box, Soy Bomb, and CYHMK), though I think I'm done at that for a while. The only other song I'm close on is Sweet Child, and that'll take some time.

Anyway, Jessica's on my list of songs I play consistently just because they're silly fun. Less Talk More Rokk is that way. If you get ahold of Guitar Hero 1, you will get addicted to Even Rats, which is a song that, regardless, gets played twice every time we play (once by me, once by Wayne). Beast and the Harlot's good fun on Hard, once you get the rhythm to it down, as is Hangar 18. Same for Heart Full of Black and Unsung in GH1.

Unfortunately, I have very little hopes that GH3 will be that good, since a lot of the stuff they're doing sounds completely stupid. But, Rock Band so far looks frigging awesome.

Although I'm convinced the singing is going to hurt. Does anyone actually know all the lyrics to Suffragette City? I know you don't, you lying bastard.

Shocho said...

I can sing Suffragette City for you any time you like, droogie. Don't lean on me, man.

I'm trying to sing on key in the car just to practice for Rock Band.

Michael said...

I'm pretty excited about Rock Band; I just lack three more musically inclined (local) friends. I don't even have a decent co-op partner for GH2 here.