Saturday, September 01, 2007

Your new Guitar Hero controller.

Okay, not really, without some serious work. But this guy made a guitar in the shape of a teenage girl. In fact, "a vintage mannequin transformed into an electric guitar."

It's called "Teenar, Girl Guitar." Weird, huh? More pics on this blog.

My guitar mentor Joe Schaedler always said that guitars were female cause you plugged the cord into their socket.


Bpaul said...


Mkae said...

Shocho, you creep me out more and more when I come to this blog. :)

Shocho said...

I push the envelope so you don't have to.

Joe Shade said...

Didn't think I'd let a reference to myself pass without comment, eh? Ah, Chuck, glad to see you're still rockin'!

BTW, Bob Holyfield want's to get in touch with you. I'll set 'em up. You need to convince him to blog. He'd be terrific!


Shocho said...

Tell Bobby that there's an address for me on the front page, in the profile info. It's a secret code, but you can figure it out.

Hell yeah he should blog!