Wednesday, September 05, 2007

There's a difference.

Hell yeah I want to see Shoot 'Em Up this weekend. Unfortunately, there's a problem.

There's a difference between an apostrophe and a single open quote. The official "Shoot 'Em Up" logo has the wrong one. It should be an apostrophe, but it's a single open quote. You should never use an open quote, single or double, without a close quote.

You can see this tragedy on the movie's website. I should have added this to my list of Things I Don't Like, lousy apostrophes. Or maybe a new list of Crimes Against Typography. We can lump in here as well the department store signs that say "Mens" and "Womens" without using an apostrophe at all.


Brad said...

Wait! maybe it is an apostrophe that got shot and is hanging downside up.

Bpaul said...

I was JUST SAYING that I aught to see a Monica Bellucci movie while the wife was out of town and I was still bachin' it.

oooh lala.