Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hilarious, but not real.

Who knows what the Lisa was? Show of hands? That's what I thought. I never saw one, but I heard about it. Lisa was the precursor to the Macintosh.

Apple released the Lisa in January of 1983 for $9,995, and the similar Macintosh was released a year later for $2,495.
How's that for an early-adopter tax? Brutal. This article is funny. Sort of.


Michael J. Hercus said...

Sadly, I know all about the Lisa, but I never did buy one, being thirteen at the time. I did think it was cool though and really did want it.

It was also the first "lap-top" (that was the size of a suitcase). The keyboard actually locks into the top, covering the monitor and floppy drives (remember those?).

By the time I could afford one, I ended up buying the MacSE (not even the SE30, which was only a dream at the time). Remember those SEs? They could boot off of a 3 1/2 floppy and still have enough room on the disk for Word and White Knight (my modem program of choice for signing onto GEnie).

Ten points for anyone who even knows what GEnie was. Reminds me of the time I updated my 300 baud modem for that 1200...God, talk about blazing speed!

If I haven't dated myself enough with that... My first Hard Drive for the SE was an 100MB external drive. It only cost me $1400.00.

Kindralas said...

Shocho there used to spend quite a bit of time on GEnie. And while I wasn't really around for the Lisa, I was aware of it. G4/TechTV did an excellent writeup of Apple on Icons, if you can catch them rerunning it.

Shocho said...

Oh yeah, I spent a lot of time on GEnie! That's where I first met Liz Danforth, and that's where I was in the running with Sandy Wible to be netrep for That Company on STCCG. No hard feelings when he won, and he got me playtesting for SWCCG through GEnie as well. Good times!

Mkae said...

I knew what the Lisa was.

I wonder if, after selling the Lisa for $9k, and releasing the Mac a year later for $2k, if Steve Jobs issued a credit at the Mac store for the pissed off Lisa buyers.

Naw, that'd never happen. ;)