Sunday, July 15, 2007

Stupid people do stupid things.

Why didn't they take time to feed their kids? They were playing video games.

What's wrong with that second sentence? IT'S ALL WRONG! They were too stupid to know what is right and wrong. That's the real answer.

It's not the video game you're playing. It's not the TV show you're watching. It's not the music you listen to. It's not the books you read. YOU'RE JUST FUCKING STUPID!

Video games don't make people stupid. People do stupid things because they're stupid.

Again, I trot out my usual statistic: If video games made people so stupid they didn't take care of their children, even 1 percent of video game players, there would be tens of thousands of cases like this.

I found this image on Fark. I'm not sure if it applies to the guy who wrote the original article or me, but it looks nice.


Bpaul said...

My god.

Love the graphic.

Allen said...

I love that they made a point of specifying "Dungeons & Dragons".

You know somewhere at Blizzard, there's a marketing guy breathing a sigh of relief as his prayers are answered. "Please don't be WoW."

These people should be barred from computers - if you can ignore two small children for days at a time, you are not capable of using this technology. (Or, you should be working at a government phone bank.)