Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Games are falling behind.

On IQM, that is. Every blog writer devises a list of subjects that are good to post about, and a list of bad subjects too. Games are tricky for me now, working full-time again for a company that makes them.

If I say my company's game is good, I look like a sycophant. If I say my company's game is bad, I could get in real trouble. If I say another company's game is bad, I look like a corporate lackey. If I say another company's game is good, well, that's about all I can say, isn't it? That seems less meaningful without a context for comments on other games.

I've been proud of the fact that "games" was #1 on the label hit parade for IQM, but that's not the case any more. Just to let you all know, even if I don't post as much about games any more, I still love them dearly.


thisismarcus said...

Sounds like a fair rationale.

How on earth have you treated your profile pic? Spooky.

Bpaul said...

Seems like you could slip in commentary anyway. I don't even know what company you work for so, I can't make a lot of those distinctions.

Shocho said...

I look like that all the time now, Marcus. I am a changed man.

Do you know about Dooce, Bpaul? She's got a website at dooce.com and in one part she explains how she got fired because of blogging about work. I ain't gonna do it, I'm too scared.

Bpaul said...

OH yeah... that's true. That's the rulesetter for us bloggers. I watch dooce daily, got to watch those who do this for a living.

At first I thought she had just caught a lucky demographic (cynical stay at home moms) that exploded, but you know after reading for a while, she's a hell of a humorist.

She's kinda cute too, in a psychotic sort of way... that snags another demographic entirely.

Kindralas said...

Well, as was said, Dooce was really the first person to at least publicize the fact that she lost her job via her blog, which at the time was a big deal, and is largely the reason she has the following she has today. She just got lucky she's pretty funny in the process.

Unfortunately, though, all she does now is babble about her child, which is her perogative, but I lost the will to care.\ because of it.