Thursday, July 05, 2007

The 40-Year Old Virgin.

Almost everyone I know has told me this is a funny movie and I should watch it. They were wrong on both counts. Somebody I know said that it had the best ending to a movie ever, but I suspect that might have been sarcasm. It was a painful sitcom plot in which someone's inability to talk to someone else somehow passes for comedy. But not with me.

Curiously, during this movie, part of another movie is shown. That is The Bourne Identity, which I also watched recently. Then I remembered that I don't like amnesia movies. I didn't root for little Matty Damon, I was on the side of the company trying to kill him. I wish they had.

Whaddaya know, two reviews for the price of one.


Bpaul said...

So bitter, oh so bitter.


Aussie-Askew said...

Ending to 40YOV was weak, but what makes the movie fun is that all the characters are great and naturally funny, without all being huge caricatures. Except maybe the swearing Indian co-worker, but the was fuckin' funny also.

Knocked Up is better.

We love the Bourne. Action movies with a little Euro flair and English good sense about action set pieces. Final car chase in Bourne #2 is excellent, no matter how it messes up Eomer.

thisismarcus said...

I liked "Virgin" but I left my brain at the door. Check out Steve C. in Little Miss Sunshine, if you haven't already. (There's an ending you won't forget in a hurry.)