Thursday, July 05, 2007

Oh my god.

Here's the link.


Bpaul said...

There should be an epileptic seizure warning on this video.

For so many reasons.

Allen said...

Sadly, YouTube's taken it down (Viacom's request).

Shocho said...

Dammit! It was really cool! Why wouldn't they want that to circulate?

Kindralas said...

Because it was leaked, and isn't final version. All of the instruments have since changed, there's pictures out there somewhere of them. Also, they don't have Welcome to the Jungle licensed as yet. The build was just for in-house testing, thus the unlicensed song, and the video was kind of in-house marketing.

So basically, it was a lot like the first time we playtested a set with Marketing, except someone leaked it.