Monday, June 25, 2007

The word count.

This could be the start of a meme. How do those things get started, anyway? Search your blog for these words and tell me what the count is. In fact, I've added percentages, since your blog may have more posts than mine. Of course, that's extra math, and that's like homework, but suck it up.

love - 111 - 10.3%
hate - 42 - 3.9%
like - 50 - 4.7%
dislike - 4 - 0.3%
fuck - 44 - 4.1%
shit - 39 - 3.6%
asshole - 4 - 0.3%
cocksucker - 1 - 0.1%
Fascinating stuff. I don't like "dislike," preferring stronger phrases, such as "hate that" or "fuck that." One of the times I said "asshole" I was referring to myself. The only person I have ever called a cocksucker on my blog is Steve Jobs, go figure. More "love" than "hate," that's a wonderful thing. I have to go pick daisies and chase butterflies now.


Bpaul said...

Love: 22, 30%
Hate: 4, 5%
Like: 35, 48%
Dislike 0
Fuck: 5, 7%
Shit: 7, 10%
Asshole: 0
Cocksucker: 0

TheGirard said...

speaking of cocksuckers...the iphone comes out this week. You going to get one?

Shocho said...

Wow, Mr. B, you are filled with love and like. You're a much nicer guy than me. Pretty good job on shit there, that shows promise.

Kathy said...

Love: 44, 10%
Hate: 26, 6%
Like: 197, 45%
Dislike: 3, 0.7%
Fuck: 5 (surprising!), 1%
Shit: 13, 3%
Asshole: 1, 0.2%
Cocksucker: 0, 0%

"the B": 103, 24%
Baby: 109, 25%
Suck: 26, 6%

For the record, the one solitary use of "asshole" was reserved for someone who nearly ran me off the road while I was pregnant. I think they deserved it.

Shocho said...

Kathy likes lots of stuff. Of course, that doesn't filter out results like the eighth word in this sentence, so it's not very scientific. Not at all surprised about baby and B, and suck is a nice addition to the meme, actually.

Doesn't anybody say cocksucker anymore? I'm takin' it back! I hear it was popular in the Olde Weste.

Shocho said...

Honestly, I'm just happy that today I got two other people to type the word "cocksucker." It's the little things.

Dave(id) said...


Kindralas said...

I, like Kathy herself, am shocked at her low total of "fucks."

Oh, and cocksucker.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't Steve Jobs, actually.

It was "gutless anonymous cocksucker".

Google it. All true. :)

Shocho said...

Still gutless.

Bpaul said...

Since "like" is used in... oh what is it metaphor or simile...

"her hair was like golden flax flowing in the wind"

Use of "like" may denote a poetic or literary bent in the person as well.

Was pondering that :-)