Saturday, June 30, 2007

We drank the Kool-Aid.

I know that most of you think we couldn't be more Apple Zombies than we are now. However, I really had not planned to get this thing. For me, this is a step like going from Level VI Thetan to Level VII (although much cheaper, according to what I've heard).

Saturday morning, I said, "Honey, I think maybe we should buy a Tivo." She said, "You know, what I really want is an iPhone." This is how we make important decisions.

I called the Apple Store (OMG I love having one in town) and I said, "Got any phones?" She laughed and said, "Yeah." No line today, although a lot of people were poking and sampling.

So there ya go. We have new Colorado phone numbers, those of you who need to know contact me through the usual channels. I've already called a few.

I can't say much about using the thing (my old phone was a worthless piece of shit, so anything looks good by comparison), although it is gorgeous and of course, setup took about 10 seconds and it completely synced with my MacBook Pro.

I do like this Apple company.


Bpaul said...

Appleborg! *points*

(probably is really nice tho LOL)

Muse said...

So jealous. We can't get them in Canadaland yet. :(

Brad said...

Really? I thought you would of waited for the second generation version.

So, we all know the exciting parts of it, what is bad part of the phone?

Shocho said...

The bad part of the phone is that everyone doesn't have one yet. Hie thee to thine Apple Store! So I can text you relentlessly.

I was gonna wait for the iPhone Shuffle, but waiting sucks.

stingite said...


Mkae said...

You bought an iPhone over Tivo??? Are you completely insane?

But wait. I thought there were going to be huge lines and that 1 in 20 people were going to be trampled.

Ah yes, the hype engine. So many people were worried about being trampled. They stayed home with their burning desire to own the newest phone.

Actually, I'm just being sarcastic. It does look very cool, but I make it a policy to never own the first release of technology. Let someone else work out the kinks.

I'm serious about the Tivo thing though. Suckers.

Dave(id) said...

iPhone??? have to google it I guess.

BubbaJoe said...

I was all gung ho on getting an iPhone (as much as I hate Macs and other Apple based computers) however the fact that it is (or was last I read) exclusive to AT&T is the singular reason I won't get it. If I want crappy service from a crappy company I'll just slam my phone in my car door multiple times and switch away from Sprint.

Since I actually need to be able to USE my phone, I will have to wait the couple years before I can get one with service.

Bubba Joe

Shocho said...

I switched away from Sprint. So far, I don't miss 'em at all.

Aussie-Askew said...

Love the iPhone or hate it, you have to beleive that a lot of old-school phone company Marketing people pooped themselves everytime their biss walked in with the latest iPhone article/hype/nugget. It is the epitome of lust driven consumer goods, and sold accordingly.

Jobs nailed it again. Huge industry been making phones for years, but still its hard to find someone who doesn;t think their phone is absolute unusbale crap outside of the most basic of tasks. But still they compete on 'features', and Apple wins on usability.

The funny thing is that I don't own an iPhone, (am playing the second-gen game) even though the AAPL stock price leap would have covered the price, but I know more about it than my Razr.