Saturday, June 30, 2007


Am I the only person that hates using calculators on computers? Whenever I need a calculator, I reach in my drawer for the one with the buttons.

I guess I'm old enough to remember when that was all we had. (Oh my GOD, that sounds like Grampa.)

Maybe I just don't like opening another program to input data to find an answer to put into a blog post or spreadsheet.

Maybe I should just learn to do math in my head or with a pencil and paper. Nah, fuck that.


Allen said...

I picked up a USB calculator for my laptop. I bought it to use as a numeric keypad, but it also doubles as a solar powered calculator.

Best feature is that you can hit a button and send your calculator results back to the PC (just as if you entered the answer manually).

Kindralas said...

I have an extension for Opera that lets me type "c:..." in the URL bar, and it calculates.

Screw your Firefox.

stingite said...

I'm one of those that enjoys the calculator program on Windows. :(

The only downfall is that you can't type "55318008" and flip it upside down to giggle and giggle to your friends about the girl in the desk near the front of the class . . . unless you do a screencapture and some photo manipulation . . . I've never thought about doing it obviously . . .

Dave(id) said...

I'm a old school calculator person too, but I like to email using the computer.