Thursday, May 24, 2007

Virgin American names plane after roach clip.

Sure, it's cool that Virgin America named their "first plane" (how do they decide that?) "Jefferson Airplane," "in tribute to the legendary Bay Area rock band" (their HQ is in San Francisco). Heck, even Grace Slick was there with the Governator, and jokes were made about spiking the punch with LSD (when Gracie was invited to the White House, she swore she would do this).

But don't they know what a Jefferson airplane is? If someone were smoking a joint and didn't have a roach clip, that person would take a paper match and split it in half. (This is hard to do if that person has been smoking good pot.) Then the smoker uses this makeshift roach clip to smoke out the prized THC collected at the butt end of the joint. Hopefully avoiding burning the fingers.

Or so I've heard.