Friday, May 25, 2007

100 numbers from 100 movies.

This is really fun to watch. It's all the numbers from 100 down to 1, spoken in movie clips. Many of your favorite films are here! You can probably guess #11 and #1, and I should have known #88 and #69.

Here's a list of the movies, in case you couldn't stand it like me.


Maelwys said...

1, 11, and 88 indeed make all the sense in the world. But I'm disappointed that 69 isn't Bill and Ted.

Jason said...

Exactly my thought. I was expecting Bill & Ted.

Kindralas said...

I knew 40 of them, there were a few that were, indeed, awfully obvious. A bunch of them were really obscure, in the sense of the clips being from obscure parts of the movie. Like 82 and 83. I should have gotten 72, 64, 38, 23, 17 and 7 (and that 7 makes me pretty pissed off.) 44 and 36 were pretty obvious selections as well.

Word verification: Inustion, the act of burning or branding.

DrHeimlich said...

I recognized nearly half the clips -- better than I was expecting. Whoever built this did a pretty good job of mixing movies from all throughout film history.

Though I would have wished for the Ferris Bueller clip to be "NINE times?" rather than "31 flavors."

Mkae said...

#1 and #11 were pretty obvious. Have to agree on #69. It should have been Bill and Ted.

I would have also thought #7 should have been from "Seven".

Good to see sci-fi and fantasy represented so nicely. This was really a fun clip to watch.