Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Things I like.

In alphabetical order for the hard of reading.

Cars: Red.
Colonoscopy: Sedated.
Computers: Apple.
Corvettes: C6.
Dictionaries: $5.95.
Drama: Scripted.
Funbags: Natural.
Hair Color: Natural.
Jessica: Alba.
Jennifer: Connelly.
Ladies: Curvy.
Pencils: #2.
Polyps: Diminutive.
Temperature: 80.
Weather: Sunny.
Wife: LWC.


Enrique said...

Cars: Silver.
Computers: Laptops.
Corvettes: Stingray.
Dictionaries: Online.
Funbags: B/C's.
Hair Color: Dark.
Jessica: Biel.
Jennifer: I plead the 5th.
Ladies: Athletic.
Pencils: .7 mm.
Temperature: 85.
TV: Widescreen.
Weather: Sunny.
Wife: The neighbor's.

Kate said...

thank you, I just spat out my morning tea ;)
I needed a giggle.

Enrique said...

*ego* Me?

Bpaul said...

Cars: room, meelions of mpg
Computers: Jalopy
Dictionaries: OED please, full sized
Funbags: Natural
Hair: Natural
Jessica: Biel
Jennifer: Connelly
Ladies: Curvy, back porch swing a plus
Pencils: .5 mm
Temp: 75
TV: antiquated, gift
Weather: sunny, cool breeze
Wife: Yes, very pleased