Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Gen Con ramblings.

We flew out on Misty the Arctic Fox (that was the animal on our Frontier plane's tail). One of the stewards said she was a pole dancer. The stewards are funnier in the back of the plane.

I'm still looking for my "signature drink," so Thursday night I had a Heineken, a white Russian, a glass of red merlot (from Mario Andretti's winery) and Jack & coke. My head and stomach were confused by this, but it all went down pretty well.

Friday we had a meet and greet at Jillian's and the bartendresses there (pictured in their SOE Gamer T-shirts) were making the drinks really strong, but I stuck to Jack & coke.

Later that evening, we played some Notre Dame and I enjoyed it very much. I brought home some 24 TCG and got hooked up with some sweet promos (thanks, fellas). Haven't played it yet, but it looks pretty cool.

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