Thursday, August 23, 2007

Things I don't like.

"Pet" peeves. "Peeve" is a perfectly good word all by itself, and doesn't need the word "pet" in front of it. (I know, this is supposed to be "ironic," since it decodes as "favorite hate.") This is my #1 peeve.

The TSA. Created solely to look like the government is doing something. Spending most of their time preventing plots that every single expert says can't ever work. Shoe bombs? Please. Liquid explosives? Come on. Tragically, any politician who advocates getting rid of these stupid procedures will be seen as "weak on terrorism," so we're stuck with all this Mickey-Mouse bullshit. Security theater.

Fake small caps. When they're done correctly, the strokes from the cap letters are the same width at the strokes from the small caps. It's a thing of beauty. All you ever see now is caps reduced to 60 or 70 percent and they call that small caps. It's a travesty.

Fanboys. I don't like people who like a Thing, and then when they find out you don't like that Thing, they attack you. The whole "us vs. them" philosophy. "I thought you were one of the good ones." What makes people lash out like that? I don't have a good name for them. "Asshole" springs to mind.

Transferring data from This means that I'm waiting for a fucking banner ad that can't find it's way off the server in Bumfuck, Idaho to show me a car I DON'T WANT TO BUY!

Before You Die. When people make lists, they have to add some kind of stupid phrase to make it sound important. "The Top Ten Ever," "The Top 100 Of All Time." My most hated is "Before You Die," which I suppose is contrasted with "The 10 Things You Must Do After You Die," which includes 1. Decompose, 2. Get Eaten By Worms, 3... okay, I'm done.


Dani said...

Fake small caps drive me nuts.

Unfortunately, it seems that unless a font was designed for small caps, it's next to impossible to get your favourite font to do this correctly. As a graphic designer, I almost never use small caps because of this problem. I absolutely hate it when the large cap looks fatter than the small caps.

I blame computers, modern printing methods and lazy font designers.

Allen said...

TSA is just waiting for it's "the emperor has no clothes" moment. Eventually someone will get the cojones to stand up and say "are we really worried about Juice Box Terrorists? how about seven year olds? Just how freakin' scared are we?"

Enrique said...

What the hell is your problem with Michael Chiklis???

He did a great job and was much better than that herpes infested hack!


- EJ

Kathy said...

On the TSA:

Pudding > Knife, apparently. Morons.

Aussie-Askew said...

You should read this interview with the TSA head. It's long, but very interesting and very, dare I say it, honest.