Saturday, November 18, 2006

Another week, another MacBook Pro.

Last Friday, I got a brand new MacBook Pro. This Friday, I got another brand new MacBook Pro.

I couldn't get Boot Camp to work. My laptop would not mount (heh, he said "mount") the Windows XP disk. It mounted other CDs. It mounted DVDs. It even mounted other Windows formatted CDs. But not that damned XP disk.

I took the XP disk back to CompUSA and told them my computer wouldn't read it. I didn't tell them it was a Mac... figured that would be too confusing. They were real nice and gave me another one. Didn't work.

I looked online for some support. The discussion forums at Apple have very nice helpful people, but they didn't solve my problem. Finally, in a fit of logic, I tried the disk in LWC's matching MacBook. It worked fine.

A light bulb went on over my head, as I realized that something was probably wrong with my disk drive. I had already sent a nasty letter to Boot Camp support saying how I was losing my faith with Apple customer service and quality, but I made an appointment with the Genius Bar (yes, it's really called that) at our local Apple Store (yay for living in a bigger city).

After some messing around, Mike my personal Genius got another brand new MacBook Pro from their stock and said, "I need about 20 minutes to transfer your data. And I need your original box." We went home to get the box (still had it in the garage) and returned to pick up my brand new brand new Mac. I bid a fond farewell to the first one, remembering fondly the seven days we had spent together. Then I kicked it real hard. Mike restored all my faith in Apple in a single fell swoop. It was fell, trust me.

Tonight, I played our new Pirates game (Windows only, no Mac client) on my brand new brand new this week's updated better version MacBook Pro.



Mkae said...

You're right. Now that you finally have access to 97% of the world's software, you really CAN do anything!! Go Chuck!!!!

Shocho said...

AND 97% of the world's VIRUSES! Don't forget that! Whee!

Kindralas said...

Pirates game?

Shocho said...

It's the WizKids CSG as a 3D video game. Have fun without breaking a mast!

Go to and you can play the beta.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried to run any Adobe CS products on your intel mac? If not, give it a try, you will then know the hell of regressing your computers speed to the year 1998! Tis the hell I deserve and now live in until CS3 releases in March/April 07. Stupid, uninformed buyer like myself beware! But at least my Quark 7 runs natively on intel mac, WTF!!!

Shocho said...

My Adobe products are pre-CS, so they pretty much suck anyway. If the CS3 versions work okay on the Windows side, I can always load 'em up there. OYSTER!!!