Sunday, August 06, 2006

Review: Match Point.

This is the Woody Allen film that critics say was his "comeback," the first of two he made with BBC funding (who said, "We'll give you money if you make your films in Britain"). I got here after a long hiatus from Allen films after seeing and liking Scoop and wondering what all the fuss was about Match Point.

As Roger Ebert points out, this is not a "typical" Allen film, but there have been so many kinds that's a misnomer. There is no Woody character in the film. He's not before the cameras and there is no "nebbish" to be had.

It's a film noir that struggles with concepts of morality, crime, love, lust, and most of all, luck. It's not a heroic film and there are few likable characters.

I found it very compelling and well done by all involved. Great performances including Scarlett Johannson playing the part I call Object of Desire (often played by Monica Bellucci). There are lavish London scenes from beautiful apartments and homes, amazing offices in that pickle building, and huge hideous art in some cavernous gallery. I don't think it's Top 100 for me, but it's an excellent movie.

(Why does Woody hate movie titles? All his films have the same white typeface on black background. Must make them hard to promote, which is tough since they're so small-market anyway. We saw Scoop in one of the two tiniest 100-seat theaters in the eighteenplex.)

Match Point had lots of that music with people singing in foreign langauges. Not like Alizee or Shakira, with orchestras.


Kindralas said...

I thought the movie was terrible except for the ending, which was excellent. It was a lot of bad acting and awkward scenes to get to a point where the movie got good.

Overall, I'd give it probably a 6 or 7 out of 10, while it's not a movie that I'd really recommend watching, it is very interesting, in its own way.

Aussie-Askew said...

I really liked it also, although it took a while to suck me in (especially the protoganist).

I really wasn't expecting it to get so dark, and the final scenes involving the cops were just a beautiful device to force the viewer to crystallize exactly which side of the fence they stood on.

Definitely worth a viewing, but is much more of a slow-burn type of plot than you mnay be used to.

What did you think of Scoop?

Mmmm... Monica Belluci.

Shocho said...

Loved Scoop! Review here, cleverly disguised: