Saturday, August 05, 2006

Clerks 2 quotes.

Tracking keyword searches on my blog, the number one by a ginormous margin is "Clerks 2 quotes," or some variation on that. The current total is over 200 hits for that, with the number two coming in at about 12 (still for Alexis Glick, believe it or not).

I find this fascinating because my page has only one quote from Clerks 2. The post just before that has quotes from another source, so the hits give you that combination (or did for a few days a while ago).

Also fascinating because the real name of the movie is "Clerks II," but I hate Roman numerals so much I always call it "Clerks 2."

And yes, I realize that talking about search hits on your website just screws things up all over again, but what the hell.

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Anonymous said...

You actually "slipped" and used the roman numerals once (distracted by Rosario, no doubt).