Monday, August 07, 2006

Blufr, a free trivia game.

"Bruising your ego one bluf at a time." Silly true/false questions (or as they say, "way/no way") about all kinds of useless information. You can keep a cumulative score and compare with others.

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Jacob said...

Thanks a lot for the plug. I was part of getting blufr online and would love to know if you have other ideas, thoughts, etc. Glad you like the game!

Shocho said...

Nah, I just thought it was way cool! And you provided the nifty widget so I could add some classy doodad to my blog, couldn't resist that.

Jason said...

Stupid giraffes.

Shocho said...

Dude, it loads a random bluf each time you click on the page. Now you have to tell us about the giraffe question you missed.