Thursday, February 24, 2005

God help me, I'm a Jeopardy fan.

There is nothing geekier than a geeky post about Jeopardy, but here I go: Yesterday, during the "Ultimate Tournament of Champions," a Jeopardy first happened. It was a boring show, the kind with obscure categories that means a lot of the show is made up of "...beep beep beep" which is the pause to wait for a question to be answered and the three note beep that says, "You're all dumbasses!"

Anyway, as you other Jeopardy geeks know, anybody with a negative dollar total (denoted by the embarrassing red background to your score) can't participate in Final Jeopardy. Yesterday, two of the three contestants had a negative dollar total, so Final Jeopardy was just testing for sack to see how much the Positive Dollar Total Geek would wager. He wagered $12,000 and won (sack = large), so good on him. I don't think he had to do anything but end up with $1 to advance in the tournament.

I thought that was unusual, that only one player made it through to Final Jeopardy, but I figured it must have happened before. Today, Alex the T announced that in Jeopardy's 21-year history, that was the only time that one player survived for Final Jeopardy. And I was there to see it, live on video tape. Jesus, take me now!

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