Monday, December 27, 2004


It's a two word entry into a Google search box that gets only 1 hit. It's much harder than it seems! I tried a few weird things and you'd be amazed how many hits "absinthe meritocracy" gets. The strange thing about it is that if you post your Googlewhack to a forum on a website, it's no longer a Googlewhack. Our old buddy Dave Gorman's new stage show is based on Googlewhack.

The first time I heard "Googlewhack" was in a tease on this morning's Today show. You know, its the old "I'll mention this at 7 a.m and you have to wait until 10 of 9 to see it! Hah!" Which is exactly what happened. But here's the cool part. Scarlett Johansson was also interviewed on the show, and when Matt asked her about Googlewhacking, she said, in her sexy breathy voice, that she already had some ideas. Whew... cute, young, stacked, talented, and smart? That's just too much. Matt asks her to hang around for the Googlewhack segment coming up. So they actually have Dave Gorman in New York, which is pretty cool, and then they have a Googlewhack contest between Ann Curry and Scarlett. Dave says, "I love how you've turned this into a fight between two beautiful women." Scarlett is obviously understanding how this works much better than Ann. Smart is sexy, once again.

It took me about two hours, but I finally got one. I tried some obscure words, and I found that there are websites (like my old weblog) that have lists of "funny words," so that didn't work. I think the best way is to find dissimilar items, concentrating on the juxtaposition of the two things rather than the funny words.

Here is my first one: hellbox mousse. Another one: hellbox pastiche. Looks like it's good word to start with: hellbox defenestrate (an old favorite there).

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