Sunday, October 28, 2007

Our night at the World Series.

We tried to get tickets online during the "malicious external attack" (some guy had T-shirts last night, pretty funny) and the next day, in which some tickets were sold but only to lucky people not like us.

Saturday, we're planning to watch the game and order Chinese, and I get a call from The Boss who says he may have 1 or 2 tickets. I consider and say, "No thanks." Then I talk to Cheryl and the phone rings again, and I say, "If he's got two, we're going."

So we did. I grabbed my Cardinals World Champion hat and we took off. We parked at work after picking up a parking pass from Dr. Heimlich (who remarked on my choice of headgear, red meaning Red Sox, but whatever), and the trip downtown was not too bad. Nothing but stop-and-go when we got off 25, but all in in all, not bad.

After standing outside the night before to get Leopard, I threw on an extra sweatshirt. I wish I had brought something for my ears and hands, but it was about 39 degrees and I survived.

Coors Field was, of course, crazy. People were chanting "Lets go, Rockies!" in the line to go in. I saw a shirt that said "Buck Foston." Our tickets came by way of Curt Schilling (it's the game company connection), so we sat in a group of about 100 Red Sox fans. One guy asked me, "How did you get these tickets?"

In front of us was a large, older guy with huge hands and an even more huge World Series ring. I don't know who he was, though. A couple times he turned around and smiled at us when we cheered for the Rockies. The Sox folks were nice, but it was painful to be in that section in the 3rd inning when they scored all the runs. I could smell the chowder.

I called my son in St. Louis, and he said, "It's really noisy where you are!" I replied, "WE'RE AT THE WORLD SERIES!" Cause that's what you do, call somebody you know and, well, kind of gloat. I learned that from Tom's dad, he's the expert.

We cheered and clapped and sang and waved our towels. This was LWC's first game at Coors Field. (I explained to her that one particular chant split between both sides of the field I hadn't heard before because there weren't usually enough people in the stadium.) We had a blast. She got a program and a WS07 bear, very cute. We also scored two commemorative plastic cups.

It was history, the first World Series game at Coors Field, and a heck of a good time. I'm glad we had the chance to go. The Rockies rallied in the 6th and 7th and I got to see Holliday hit a 3-run homer straight out 415 feet to center field, and that was awesome. No Miracle on Blake Street for the final, but it was fun.


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DrHeimlich said...

I wasn't so much commenting on your choice of hat because I thought red somehow meant Red Sox. I was more questioning the point of wearing a Cardinals hat to a game not involving the Cardinals. :-)

Shocho said...

Oh heck, I was fine with supporting the Cardinals. As it turned out, most of the Sox fans wore gray or green hats, very few of them had red hats.