Monday, October 22, 2007

Not much guidance to be had.

I took this photograph of my television, as an illustration of what Comcast calls my "cable guide." You will note that this so-called "guide" shows a total of four channels at a time.

Four channels at a time.

Like every cable user, I have about 200 channels that I don't want. (There are several more I'd like to have, but the next "tier" provides another hundred or so.) Several hundred more that I don't pay for access to reside in this cable guide, as what I suppose is a marketing scheme: Look! You can't watch this! Don't you want to?

Four channels at a time.

The only tool I am provided with to navigate this endless sea of shit I don't have or don't want is the poorly-named "guide" that shows me only FOUR FUCKING CHANNELS AT A FUCKING TIME.

Like many things in this modern age, a tool originally intended to help me operate a device has turned into a marketing bitch whoring itself out and in the process becoming totally useless.

Hoopleheads are in control.

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