Monday, October 15, 2007

Know your asshole footprint.

Sure, you've figured out your carbon offsets. But what about your asshole footprint? Vanity Fair tries to be another men's magazine I'd like, but it's no Esquire.

Regrettably, some Americans are simply not aware of how large an asshole footprint they leave on the planet. Here, Vanity Fair offers a questionnaire that will help such individuals determine the size and breadth of their footprint.
Also provided are ways to reduce your asshole footprint, and places to contribute in order to purchase asshole offsets.

(I only answered 1 yes in the assigned questions for my age group. Which is how I know this test is bogus. But funny.)


George Haberberger said...

I can only assume that the single yes answer you had was number 7.

And since my last birthday puts me at 56 and the last age range is 40-55, it is obvious that I am no longer capable of being an asshole even though I am leaving comments in the Comments section.

Mmmm, me want some Cosmopolitan.

Kathy said...

Screw them, because for some reason, they have something against cycling. I don't see, "Do you wear appropriate sporting equipment for your sport?" items for any OTHER sport on the lists.

So screw them, and the lame lists they rode in on.

Shocho said...

Yes, I am so busted, it was #7. Nice to know that you can out live assholiness!