Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I sprained a hammy.

Jumping onto the Rockies bandwagon. Hell, I've done this before. When I was in Seattle, the Seahawks were in the playoffs and winning the NFC championship. It was fun to be there, and I kinda rooted for them, even though they're in the same division as the Rams.

So the Cards have taken a break from the playoffs this year, and now I'm watching the Rockies. I don't hate the Cards. I'm not a fairweather fan. But I've been to a couple games here and I'm getting to know the Rockies. They're having an incredible run, and it's fun to be a part of it. I don't feel like I'm cheating on my favorite team. Even though I'm wearing a purple shirt as I say this.

Funny, I always have and still do hate the Redskins, despite all those years in Virginia. Some would say because they never reached the playoffs.

Is this a sin? Liking another team when my team is out of the playoffs? Am I cheating on my home team when I wear a purple shirt and not a red one? Trust me... if the Cards play the Rockies tomorrow, I'll be there in red from head to toe.


Kathy said...

The Redskins DID reach the playoffs when you were there. They didn't get all that far, but they were in the postseason at least twice when you lived there. :) I guess you really do just hate them.

Brad said...

You have red shoes?

Bpaul said...

You KNOW he has red shoes.