Thursday, September 27, 2007


Why did Brad Thompson hit Prince Fielder? Because Fielder is as big as a truck. I don't know how you throw to the catcher without hitting that guy.

I'm no physics major, but I know that large bodies have more gravitational pull. I don't know why Fielder doesn't have several baseballs in permanent orbit around him. You'd think with all those balls thrown near him that several would attain the proper orbital velocity.

I offer a picture of Fielder here as proof. (I would have Photoshopped in some orbiting baseballs, but I gotta go to work.)


Jason said...

Doesn't explain Craig Biggio. Or maybe it's the 40 lbs. of pine tar on his helmet.

TheGirard said...

Doesn't explain Fernando Vina. Sorry I don't have a witty quip...I just hate that mother fucker.