Saturday, August 25, 2007

Never surprassed, only equalled.

When Tony Dorsett ran for a 99-yard touchdown for the Dallas Cowboys, he set a record that can never be surpassed, but only equalled. (A few passing touchdowns have also been of the 99-yard variety.) You can't get a longer touchdown than that without going to Canada.

So sorry, Fox, we know how you hate to give television shows a chance, but you're just tying a record set by ABC with Emily's Reasons Why Not (yeah, I never heard of it either) last year.

In the tradition of highly promoted flops that lasted just a single episode like ABC’s Emily’s Reasons Why Not last year, Fox canceled Anchorwoman, a network spokesperson confirmed Thursday afternoon.
I figure a cancellation doesn't count unless at least one episode was shown, and you can't get a number less than one. (We're talking counting numbers here kids, don't give me that math shit.)


Jason said...

What if they got halfway through the first episode and then canceled it during the commercial break?

Shocho said...

The official scoring commission rounds everything up to whole episodes, just like the NFL with yardage. (Rumor has it that Dorsett touchdown was "99-1/2" yards, but that don't go in the record book.)