Sunday, August 26, 2007

100 hot lesbians.

There's a post title that will get me some hits. The girls-who-like-girls at didn't like the Maxim Hot 100 List, so they made their own. Then they compared them and found lots of discrepancies.

If you click on the link, you'll see lots of pictures of beautiful women, and maybe some you haven't seen before. Some of them play for the wrong team, but we're just window shopping, right?

The lesbo ladies seem to like their girls with substance and brains, as opposed to the brainless eye candy on the Maxim list. I like the lesbian list much more than the Maxim list, although they seem to spend all their time watching The L Word. Understandable, really. Everybody should get a show to watch that's just for them, like international terrorists have 24.


Brad said...

This list is WAY way WAY better than the maxim list.

There are a few I would of wanted to see higher but isn't that how it is in all the Top X Lists?

Bpaul said...

I agree with Brad, way more curves, way more brains. Much much more interesting. There are even some of my "talent crushes" -- ladies that don't fit "my type" per se (wide net as it is) but are so dammed talented I'm crushed out of them anyway (Maggie Gyllenhall anyone?).

Bpaul said...

Oooh, just saw Monica Bellucci -- she slays me, always has.