Thursday, July 26, 2007

What's your GH band name?

Or maybe "names" if you've started more than one. My band's name, as I mentioned before, is "KILR." Used that for GH and GH2. Don't know if I'm gonna buy the 80's one, I'm still working on GH2. The song lineup for III looks better to me so far.


Michael said...

My band name's generic "Mike Steve" for me and my friend who plays with me. Not enough room for the "and"...:)

I can't recommend the 80's Edition to you. 30 songs, less unlockables, the SAME unlockables, crappy note charts...definitely not worth $50, more like a $20 expansion.

Kindralas said...

There is enough room for the "and," the little billboard will scroll. GH80's is a quality purchase, but it is pricey if you're more a fan of the GH music and not a fan of the GH gameplay. I will play literally anything in the game, and am glad I bought the game.

In GH1, my band name initially was Ubermoose, which changed to Clapton's Friend after I lost my memory card.

In GH2, I used Ubermoose for the Quick Play name, because it wouldn't let my Career name fit there, May Cure Cancer.

In GH80's, we are Pasty and the Tubbs.

You can infer what you will from all of those.

Shocho said...

Well done, BK. Mike, I expect something better for GHIII. You have time to get this taken care of. :P

Shocho said...

Oh shit, make that "GH3," I forgot I hate Roman numerals.

Michael said...

Yeah, I noticed the name entry scrolls when I played 80's Edition and messed something up. Oh well. The lack of the "and" will be documented in the band's history when it becomes famous.

I bought 80's Edition because I wanted new songs. I already knew I hated 80's music...:) Still 30 songs (as opposed to 64 in GH2) and poor song production (fade-outs in a LIVE show?) for $50 (Price of GH2 w/out guitar) is asking a lot.

I will work on a better name for GH3. Hopefully they'll work on a better product. Oh yeah, and not make me buy new guitars. Isn't GH3 only for newer platforms? All I have is the Wii.

DrHeimlich said...

Coming way late to this party, but (predictably) my band's name is Heimlich.

If I ever actually had a band, though, I'd think about naming it Grandma's Chandelier.