Sunday, June 03, 2007

Like a smile.

Saw it again today
Second time
Raven black
Shiny clean
Changed lanes to follow
Sun bright reflection
Forgot sunglasses
Didn't change lanes
Brake lights flashed like a smile
Changed lanes for exit
Discs through the wheels
Curves of the fenders
Yellow eyes in mirror


Bpaul said...

Dude... verse? Right on, you go.

thisismarcus said...

Sounds like love... or sarcasm. The Chryslers with the old fashioned grill that I like are on the roads over here now too.

Shocho said...

It's love, not sarcasm. I know it's hard to tell from me.

(I'm holding up my left hand as I post this.)

Dave(id) said...

nice, now you need to do a haiku

Shocho said...

Shiny raven black
Brakes flashed at me like a smile
Changed lanes for exit

(Makes a crappy haiku when edited.)

Dave(id) said...

Corvette loving Chuck
Staring, drooling from his mouth
Wife slaps him awake