Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Justicar? I don't think so.

Yes, I thought the word was "justicar" too, and pronounced "just-ih-car," like it's spelled. Except that it's not spelled that way, and it's not pronounced that way.

The word is "justiciar," and it's pronounced "juh-stish-ee-er."

How did Blizzard's World of Warcraft get this misspelling? I suspect it came from Vampire, the roleplaying game and card game from White Wolf. That's where I got the misspelling from. Come on you crazy head-shaven Goths, you taught me some fine old words like Thaumaturgy and Celerity. Get your sources straight.

We have come full circle. Nerds that can't spell make games for other nerds, who learn incorrect spelling and then make their own games with misspelled words. Of course, I was once busted for saying the plural of "Elom" is "Eloms." (It's ELOMIN, you EEEDIOT!)

A guildie of mine was quite pleased to see that the Mask of Penance, which had a typo in its tooltip ("Pennance") was fixed by Blizzard in the last patch. She reported that one. I'm telling you right now, people notice.

You will all soon be telling me that it's a fictional world and it doesn't matter in either case, but fuck it all, spell it right. Or make up your own word.

In other news, If you've got a few minutes, hear the story of Jimmy and how the Aldor and Scryer tear apart friendships.


Jason said...

I love how everyone spells "judgment" with an extra e ("judgement"). Which I did, too, until I had to know how the Magic set was spelled.

Then again, there are probably a lot of TCGers out there who think "scry" has an "e."

Kate said...

I giggled too much at that video...thanks! =)

Bpaul said...

"(It's ELOMIN, you EEEDIOT!)"

My morning chuckle is taken care of, thank you :-)


thisismarcus said...

As in "judicial" :)