Thursday, April 26, 2007

Comics to change your life.

This list is very exciting, because of the comics I recognize and the ones I don't recognize. Herewith I provide a wonderful pulled quote:

Back in the mid '60s, The Fantastic Four was a monthly guarantee that you could pay ten cents for twenty-some-odd pages and witness the most batshit insane spectacles imaginable. Outside of religious text and Greek epics, Four was the only place where you could see a building-sized, purple-crowned man descending from the sky and threatening to eat the planet, and where the only people who could stop him were invisible or on fire.
Of course I expected the Watchmen and Dark Knight here, which certainly changed my life, but the more recent options I haven't checked out yet get me revved up about a trip to a comics store.

Like all mediums, comics have a few exceptionally good examples and a lot of crap. The good stuff is as good as any other medium can deliver.

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George Haberberger said...

Well, I've read 8 of those series. Alias, Preacher, Transmetropolitan, Fortune and Glory, Sandman, Miracleman, Planetary and Fantastic Four.

Sandman has received some many accolades it certainly doesn't need mine. I have to give the FF points just for longevity and the fact that it was the first Marvel comic I ever bought. Nice to see it on a list like this. Fortune and Glory and Alias are Brian Michael Bendis books and he's the hottest writer in comics now. The title I miss the most and deserves to be in the top spot is Preacher. Jesse Custer and the Saint of Killers: the violent, gruesome and sometime uproarious theological dogma of Garth Ennis.

Some of the others I haven't heard of. And why the hell isn't Watchmen and Dark Knight on this list?