Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Terokkarantula was cool.

LWC and me killed a huge fucking spider in WoW. I printed this picture and she framed it.

I wrote a long story about arachnophobia, the power of myth, creating uncertainty, suspense and immersion in game playing but it was so sappy I can't bring myself to post it. Believe me, this version is better.

We killed a big fucking spider and it was cool.


Brandon said...

Hey, I learned where to post MUhahahah.

/wave Shocho


Shocho said...

Welcome, man! I swear you gotta get one of these blog things.

Any of the rest of you remember the Big T spider? Memorable encounter for me. Big scary thing.

TheGirard said...

That guy was hard to solo as a druid.

Have you killed Durn the Hungerer yet? He's like a Morladim for high levels.