Monday, March 26, 2007

Chuck, The Ancient Evil Awakens.

Hobo Name #798 of John Hodgson's 700 Hobo Names. (One hundred hobo names were added to the paperback edition.) They are all illustrated individually by hundreds of artists.

Many names have more than one illustration. There are others with "Chuck" in the name, like #40: All-but-Dissertation Tucker Dummychuck and #612: Chuck McKindred: Not So Holy, But Very Moley.

Ape Lad is an illustrator of hoboes that will do one especially for you. It's only $10 with PayPal when you send him a hobo name, and you get a postcard with his original art on it. I've already sent away and am anxiously awaiting my hobo illo.

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Dave(id) said...

Just did mine too, how cool, can't wait.