Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Republicans for president again.

People of my ilk, that is to say liberal Democratic types, have some hope that the current political era will be coming to an end soon. I do not.

I believe that the level of manipulation and control exhibited and maintained by the Neo-Conservative Republicans will again make the 2008 presidential elections a sham and a farce.

I believe that their marketing to hearts and not minds will once again destroy the careers of qualified politicians, perhaps even visionaries, who hold opposing viewpoints.

I have seen votes and elections not matter. I have seen plans and dreams not matter. Why will this next contest be any different? When one participant has control of the process, the outcome is no surprise.


George Haberberger said...

Why do you hate America?

TheGirard said...

well at least it will all be over soon.

Shocho said...

I hate America because it's come to this. I was one of the first eighteen-year-olds to vote. Now, I think it's not going to matter.

george Haberberger said...

Hey Chuck, I was being sarcastic. You know; how anyone who criticizes policy is accused of being unpatriotic. I know you don't hate America, just politics

Shocho said...

Yeah, I know, George, I'm just grumpy about the whole thing. It doesn't mean I'm going to stop voting, it's just that I worry about what good it will do.

Dave(id) said...

I believe most people's "minds" are already decided on where we should go next. I think that their hearts will follow.

The only new direction is a different direction, I think people realize this. Although I can be somewhat naive at times, I still see common sense cutting through the crap.


JoshRadke said...

I always find it amusing that whenever the Dems win, the media reports that the election went smooth as silk--not even a whisper of conspiracy, and there are no significant recounts anywhere (e.g. 2006); when a Republican wins the country gets Watergate, and Florida 2000, and "Exit Poll Fraud" 2004.

The Dems just hate to lose, and they're deathly afraid of another Ronaldus Maximus ;-D