Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ok Go! Fallout Boy! The Killers!

I watched VH-1 for a while, and they were playing music videos! Gasp! Must be something new. Anyway, I saw a couple I liked, sampled some CDs. Here's the list:

Ok Go: Of course, everybody's heard the Treadmill Video Song. But I had heard a couple more. Fun. Lots.

Fallout Boy: Don't tell LWC, but I only heard the one song. How can you dislike a band with song titles like, "The Carpal Tunnel of Love"? These guys are energetic and clever. Cool stuff.

The Killers: I had heard a song by them that I liked a lot. They have two songs named "Entertude" and "Exitude." Doesn't take much to impress me. Now that I've listened to the album, boring and repetitive.

We now have our required dosage of power pop boy bands that want to be the next Beatles. Disposable cotton candy songs with cute lyrics.

Those Of You Who Think I Am A Downloading Butt Pirate (you know who you are, son) should note that I bought three CDs without downloading any songs from them, legal or otherwise. So there. Hear a song, buy the album, find more good stuff. Old School Rules!


Dave(id) said...

try Spoon's album Gimme Fiction. I like it and you will too dammit.

Aussie-Askew said...

Exitlude by the Killer's is incredibly catchy end to the album, and my fave on Sam's Town (which isnt quite as much of a standaout album as their first, Hot Fuss).

"We hope you enjoyed your stay... it's good to have you with us, even if it's just for the day."

Spoon album also excellent, but for your tastes, you should try Wolfmother. I swear these young Aussies are channeling Zeppelin.

Shocho said...

Okay, Spoon and Wolfmother, check. Ooh, more new music! I love adventure.