Friday, February 16, 2007

Enhanced shred potential.

LWC got me a React Rocker guitar and GH2 for VD. Mine is not wireless, and just silver colored instead of the blue-with-black-flames in the image here. The React guitars have gotten panned because they're small and thin, but I like it a lot. Most importantly, the strap is longer so I can play like Jimmy Page.

Thusly inspired, I beat Unsung (didn't have to for progression, but it annoyed me) and Texas Flood. I decided I would approach Texas Flood as an exercise in button pushing and not even try to make music. I kind of got into Stevie's sliding technique so I could anticipate where it was going. Now I have only the two horrible beasts of Cowboys and Bark left in GH1.

Couldn't resist trying GH2 a little. Got my first encore (and blew up my first drummer) and four-starred Heart Shaped Box first time! I like my new axe. GH2 looks like lots of fun.


Anonymous said...

I got Guitar Hero 2 for Christmas. From what I've read, it's supposed to be harder than GH1. Apparently, the "hardest" mode on GH1 falls somewhere between "Medium" and "Hard" on GH2. The only GH1 I ever played was at your house, so I can't offer an opinion.

GH2 does feature cooperative play, progressive scan and widescreen. It's been fun to play. I've 5 starred all of Easy and Medium and passed everything in Hard.

Still trying to get an angle on GH1 with a controller so I can have both and also play the co-op mode in GH2.


Kindralas said...

Um, the difficulty levels are comparable, but almost solely due to the fact that the HOPO system doesn't really work well in GH1. Using the same system in GH2 would make some songs simply impossible.

There are definitely things in GH2 which are simply harder, primarily three-button chords, and more G to O transfers (Freya will make your hands hurt. A lot,) but overall, the game's not much harder, it is, however, a heck of a lot more fun.