Saturday, February 17, 2007

The $30 movie.

Zyzzyx Road, a "suspenseful and twist-filled thriller" starring Katherine Heigl, was recently released. It showed in one theater. You can see the trailer for this movie online.

What happens in Vegas, gets buried on Zyzzyx Road.
You can't see any more of it anywhere else, because it was shown in only one theater (Highland Village Park Theater in Dallas, Texas) ran for 6 days, and amassed a final total of $30 in box office takings. It earned only $20 on opening day. The film cost about $1.2 million to make.

It was required to be shown in at least one theater somewhere to meet a Screen Actors Guild requirement that permits low-budget films to pay actors a lower rate as long as the film gets a domestic theatrical release. The whole sordid affair is in an article on the cover of the new Entertainment Weekly magazine.

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Jason said...

It also has something to do with DVD rights or the ability to be shown on TV, or something else less nefarious than screwing actors. I recall that Comic Book: The Movie (Mark Hammill's geek-fest filmed at San Diego Comic Con) also had just one showing, for those same kind of reasons.