Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I'm probably late to the party here, since Buckethead has a song (this song) in GH2. I was intrigued by his amusement park, Bucketheadland, and the story of how he grew up on a farm, where the chickens scratched his face off (hence the mask) and how somebody threw a KFC bucket at him (hence the bucket) and how he used to hang out in cemetaries (hence the FUNERAL banner). They admit, however, that some of that may be made up.

As the late, great Redmond Simonsen once said, "Everybody has to have a shtick." Dude, I totally quoted myself twice there.


Anonymous said...

Ah, the infamous Jordan. Yeah, I'm nowhere near touching that one. I'm most of the way through simply PASSING hard mode after 5-starring Easy and Medium.


Dave(id) said...

what the hell is he doing with his right hand on the riff? is that a button of some sort?

Shocho said...

Yes! The comments on YouTube said that he added a "killswitch," which he appears to be tapping while he hammers with his left hand. And you thought he was weird because he had a mask and a bucket.

Kindralas said...

Aside from the massive amount of theatrics (technically, Buckethead never talks, but instead, has a puppet that talks for him), he is, really, an incredible guitarist. There are also videos on YouTube of him playing bass (, in case you're thinking it's all effects pedals, here's acoustic Bucket (, and here's him playing Les Claypool's bass, while Les plays his guitar (

Most of his stuff can be categorized as thrash, the solos and whatnought are just silly amounts of notes thrown together. But occasionally, he'll whip out decent, somewhat soulful stuff, such as Nottingham Lace and Night of the Slunk.