Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What's better than Firefox?

Firefox 2.0, natch. It's got even more tabby goodness. I also added an extension called Performancing that I'm using to post this very blog post (gasp! the technologification!). I also got an extension called Answers or something like that that lets me right-option-click anything to look it up. It's like Dictionary Heaven.

powered by performancing firefox

(OMG, it puts an ad for itself in every post... we'll have to nip that in the bud.)

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Anonymous said...

Don;t forget these handy add-ons: Downloader (small bottom of window d/l manager that replaces the whole pop-up window) AdBlocker, and my fave: Mouse Gestures. Once you use them for a day, all browsers without them seem like crap.

Although they recently stated mouse gestures is no longer being developed for Macs, as the developers had no macs to test it on, but it is installed on my version and working fine so far.