Thursday, October 26, 2006

The most influential people that never lived.

A friend of mine ran a roleplaying game based loosely on the Riverworld series of stories. That was a place where you could meet all kinds of people from all times and places.

So he asked us to give him a list of characters that we might meet and/or get to play in his game. There were some interesting choices. We didn't play very long, but one of us got one of his choices to play: O.J. Simpson. This was long before the incident, so he was just a big buff athlete with heavy plastic armor. Anyway, I remember that my list had Daffy Duck, Tarzan, and Batman, since he didn't limit us to actual real folks.

Here's a list of the "most influential people who never lived." Some of the choices are interesting, and the ranking is questionable. Who would you play in a roleplaying game like that?


TheGirard said...
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TheGirard said...



Dude. Jesus is easily the most influential person that ever lived. Regaurdless of whether you believe he was the God. And George Lucas should be way high on that list.