Saturday, October 14, 2006

Nerdcore revenge is sweet.

I have to admit that I found the South Park "World of Warcraft" episode disappointing and annoying because of its many inaccuracies. Despite Blizzard's obvious help with the animation, it looks like Trey and Matt have never even played the game. ("Haven't you even seen the movies?" fans would ask us as we worked on SWCCG.)

This means I'm a nerd, geek, and WoW junkie. Admission of the problem is step #1.

The Wikipedia entry for this episode keeps swelling to unmanageable dimensions as nerdcore geeks add all the teeny inconsistencies it has. The entry is then deleted and begins to grow again, pulsing like the universe before the Big Bang. Luckily, this guy has saved the edited comments so we can all bask in the many kinds of wrongness needing to be righted.

Contrary to implications in the episode, character death is at best a minor inconvenience in World of Warcraft, overcome with time, effort and/or in-game money. One implication of this is that the boys accomplished nothing and the Renegade would be back at full strength less than five minutes after the end of the episode.
And the last bit was this, truer words were never spoken:
The episode did a remarkably accurate job of representing the ridiculous levels of zeal and seriousness with which WoW-devoted players approach the game. Just look at this Wikipedia entry.

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