Friday, October 13, 2006

Do you even need an offensive line?

There's a new book about the position of left tackle in professional American football. The premise goes something like this:

1. Quarterbacks are the most important (and highest paid) players on the field.
2. Defensive ends and linebackers that rush the quarterback are the most important (and highest paid) defensive players.
3. The left tackle has evolved as the most important (and highest paid) offensive lineman, since he protects #1 from #2.

Jonathan Ogden, a left tackle who watched quarterbacks from his Baltimore Ravens do a lousy job and get fired over and over again, was puzzled. He was taller than the QBs, could run faster, knew the offense better (he'd been there for years), could throw as well (these were lousy Raven QBs, think about it)... so why not make him QB?

Can you imagine that? A fleet footed, smart, 6-6, 350-pound QB? The mind boggles. If we still had the USFL, some team would try it.


GiromiDe said...

I'd like to see more evolution in the NFL. First things first, keep the broadcasts under three hours, 'kay?

Jason said...

I think games should be 7 hours long. The more, the better!