Friday, October 20, 2006

Chuck's bane.

We have one of those "honor system" boxes of candy at work. That food has been there for months, an assortment of candy bars, chips, and cookies. Even though it's stale and funky, every day or so somebody futzes around in there to see what they can find.

Lots of the things in there have peanut butter, which I don't like. I wasn't fed it as a kid, and I never developed a taste for it. The texture is icky. I like peanuts, in the bag or in other stuff, but not peanut butter.

I'm rummaging around and I find a Zagnut bar. It's got peanut butter. Ick. But what else does it have? Coconut. Another thing I don't like. I'll eat fresh coconut, it tastes nutty and sweet and totally different. But not that dried out stuff (the Zagnut wrapper calls it "roasted").

So there ya go. In my circle of Hell, there are lots of candy machines, but all they have is Zagnut bars. Is there a particular candy made of two things you don't like?


Kathy said...

Oddly enough, I'm wishing there were more candy bars I found disgusting, not less.

Anything with raisins is out, but that's not much. Anything with caramel and peanut butter is out, though I like them both individually. Anything with almonds or dark chocolate would be out, but I'm hard pressed to name a specific candy.

Snickers bars are, in a word, perfect. Milk chocolate (not dark). Caramel. Mmm. Nougat, whatever the hell that is. I think they discovered nougat while working on the space shuttle, such are its strange and wonderful powers. Then big bits of peanut for taste and texture. The perfect candy bar.

And to think, the Brits love KitKats. WTF?

Kathy said...
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