Monday, October 30, 2006

Blogger wouldn't post this either.

Imagine my surprise when I made the last blog post and Blogger didn't choke on it. Then I tried to make this post and, ironically, it didn't go. I know some of you are having trouble too. I have looked at TypePad (they have a free 30-day trial that's very tempting) and their new free offshoot Vox (just like Blogger, but maybe it works more often... it even has orange buttons to tempt the Blogger user).

Any of you been shopping around? Heard about anything good? I know that TypePad costs $4.95 a month, but that is a minimal cost for a service that works (and has features I want, like categories/tags).


Anonymous said...

Hey CK, I just upgraded to Blogger 2.0 and am very happy with it. If you haven't screwed with your template, the transition is very simple. If you have screwed with your template (like I did) then you know how to do it again ;-)

The best thing is the instant publishing (one-click and it's done). All side bars and footers are now widget-style aps that are easy to use for those who don't type their own html coding. There are also a ton more features such as adding photos to the sidebar etc...

For you, they've added categories and tags as well (and it's easy to go back and add tags to your old posts).

Before looking elsewhere (and God forbid, paying for a service), try upgrading first.

Anonymous said...

We've chatted on this before CK, but if you can upgrade, do it now. The bugs are not affecting 2.0, and the response and general zippiness of 2.0 is great, with a few simple changes like a New Post link at top of your page when you are logged in etc.

Agree with Mike, best feature is that posting takes only a second or two.

Shocho said...

Wow! Thanks for the comments, guys. I know that Erika had a terrible time with 2.0, but I guess that's sorted out.